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Fresh Intestinal Casings

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Through the selection of dyes and the study of the coloring process, the DKCASING was developed to develop an edible, uniform and firm colored casing suitable for Frankfurt sausage, salami sausage, semi-dry salami, beef sausage, snack casing, etc.
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Colored casings

Colored casings are made of high quality natural animal collagen as raw materials, mainly suitable for a variety of western sausage enema production, supply specifications are red casings and brown casings.

Brief introduction

Through the screening of dyes and the study of coloring technology, edible, uniform and firm colored casing was developed, which was suitable for Frankfurter sausage, salami sausage, semi-dried salami, beef sausage, snack sausage, etc.


Easy to use, can be used out of the box

The color is uniform and firm

The sausage looks natural and inviting

The casings stick well to the meat