Preservation of collagen casings | DK NEW MATERIAL

2023-09-24 17:52

Collagen casings are a type of casings made from collagen and are mainly used to fill meat products. Its advantage is that it can effectively maintain the nutritional value and taste of meat products, and can also extend the shelf life of meat products. Protein shells can extend shelf life by avoiding light, drying and low temperatures.


The preservation of collagen casings should follow the principles of avoiding light, drying, low temperature, sealing and avoiding pressure. These measures can effectively extend the shelf life of collagen casings and ensure the quality and taste of casings.

Due to oxidative Browning due to oxygen entry and bacterial growth leading to meat spoilage, collagen casings lose their nutritional value if they are not kept properly or past an appropriate shelf life. As the oxygen enters, the outer layer of the sausage changes from pink to pale white, then gradually turns grayish brown. Change comes from the outside in. First, the sausage on the outside changes from pink to pale white, then gradually turns grayish brown. Cutting the sausage laterally will reveal an oxidation ring, and the longer you cut, the deeper the oxidation ring.


The propagation of bacteria will cause the sausage to deteriorate, and under the protection of the casing, the bacteria outside the intestines will not enter the intestines. The bacteria mentioned here refer to the bacteria in the raw meat of the sausage, which can not be killed by pasteurization at 80-90 ° C after filling. This sterilization process can only kill most of the pathogenic bacteria, but not kill the good heat resistant bacillus and so on. This part of the bacteria reproduce slowly at 0-4 ° C, but if the casing has poor oxygen tolerance or is prolonged over time, it will make the sausage deteriorate.

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