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Quick easy peel off plastic sausage casings

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Quick and easy to peel off plastic sausage casings are a type of casing used in the production of meat sausages and dairy products. They are made from a type of plastic material that is easy to peel off the finished product, making the production process faster and more efficient. These casings are typically made from a combination of primary materials, including polyamide, masterbatch, adhesive, and printing ink, all of which are sourced from leading European suppliers.
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Plastic casing  

Material:polyamide plastic

Color:transparent and coloured according to requirement

* Plastic casing sausagecasing fetures:

- Suitable for high-speed stuffing, clipping, shirring, hanging and mold cooking.

- Photo quality printing available

Barrier: good oxygen and water barrier, high barrier casings available, weight loss reduced, product shelf life extended.

The casing can be printed in multicolour upon requests, such as transparent, red, white, brown, black, yellow, blue, green, purple, etc., more than 150 kinds of colours.

*Technical specifications:

- Flat Width: 30-200mm.

- Roll: 500m-600m/ roll.

- Thickness: 50um(can be tailored according to client need).

- Heat shrink: 17% in 90 degrees hot water for 5 seconds.

- Overstuffing: 13% overstuff.

-Shape, According to customer requirements,either rolled or shirring


For cooked and boiled sausages, round sausages, moulded hams.

The multilayer polymer casing   is made from a combination of oriented polyamide and polyethylene, which are both commonly used materials in food packaging.  

The casing is designed to be straight, but it also comes in a "ring" version that can be adapted to the individual curving radius of the product it is packaging.  

This suggests that the casing is used to hold and protect food items that may be shaped in a variety of ways.   Overall, it seems like this type of casing is a versatile and widely used packaging solution for the food industry.


Packaging Details:6 small boxes for one big carton

Port: Chinese Main port


DK NEW MATERIAL IS one of the world's leading manufacturers of artificial casings (collagen, cellulose, fiber, and plastic) for the food industry, offering a variety of artificial casings, including collagen casings, fiber casings, cellulose casings, vegetarian casings, plastic casings, mesh casings, etc.

The casings products of DK NEW MATERIAL have a consistent caliber and excellent processing performance and have the choice of multiple types and sizes of fiber bushing, which can produce the widest diameter range of fiber bushing.


We are acting in line with the Paris Agreement to avoid climate change and the consequences of a global increase in temperature above 2 degrees over pre-industrial levels. This sustainable future means facing challenges that range from the optimization and purification of water used in the production process, better use and reuse of raw materials, and efficient use of energy and renewable energy.

DK NEW MATERIAL wants to go beyond the traditional borders with a new purpose “Reshaping food and well-being,for many, for long”,

seeking to help to provide access to food and nutrition throughout the world and to improve the well-being and health of people. All this with a long-term vision, generating a permanent impact over time.