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Transparent plastic casing of shirred

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transparent plastic casing of shirred is transparent and made from a type of plastic called polyethylene. This type of casing is often used in the food industry to package a variety of products, including appetizing portion sausages. The "shirred" aspect of the casing refers to the way it is made. It is likely that the casing is produced by twisting and winding layers of plastic material together to create a strong and durable package. The transparency of the casing allows customers to see the product inside, which can be important for food products that are visually appealing.
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·Caliber: from 16 to 34

Color: available in variety of colors

·Printing:Flexoprint,multi colorsone or both sides

·Number of layers: five layer

Barrier or permeable: barrier

·Thickness: 30 microns(adjustable

Available forms: shirred sticks

·Length of sticks/reels: 20.6 M -30M per stick

·Extended shelf life of about 6 weeks

·Soaking: not required

·Shrinkage: 10%(adjustable)

Product Description

There are many potential benefits to using transparent plastic casing made from polyethylene for food products.   One of the main advantages is that it allows customers to see the product inside, which can be important for food products that are visually appealing.   In DK New Material, we design this   to increase customer appeal and encourage sales.

In addition to its visual appeal, DK New Material choose transparent plastic casing made from polyethylene, which is also strong and durable.   This makes it well-suited for packaging food products that may be subjected to handling or storage conditions that could cause damage to other types of packaging.

Another advantage of transparent plastic casing made from polyethylene is that it is relatively lightweight and easy to handle.   This can make it a convenient and practical choice for food manufacturers and distributors.


Packaging Details:6 small boxes for one big carton

Port: Chinese Main port


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The casings products of DK NEW MATERIAL have a consistent caliber and excellent processing performance and have the choice of multiple types and sizes of fiber bushing, which can produce the widest diameter range of fiber bushing.


We are acting in line with the Paris Agreement to avoid climate change and the consequences of a global increase in temperature above 2 degrees over pre-industrial levels. This sustainable future means facing challenges that range from the optimization and purification of water used in the production process, better use and reuse of raw materials, and efficient use of energy and renewable energy.

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