The use of casings
The casing is the raw material for packaging sausage stuffing, which is classified as edible or inedible. According to the raw materials used, casings can be divided into natural casings and artificial casings, collagen casings belong to one of the artificial casings and are edible.

Properties of collagen casings
The main raw material of collagen casing is animal leather, and the main raw material used at present is cow skin. Collagen casings have the following properties:
Collagen casings are available in various lengths, diameters, and thicknesses; Strong toughness and unique taste; Product specifications are highly consistent and uniform.
Because of its uniform shape, collagen casings are suitable for the highly automated mass production of sausages and are therefore welcomed by sausage manufacturers who focus on improving production efficiency and expanding production capacity.
Collagen casings have the properties of food, containing a large number of amino acid components of nutrients, after consumption does not cause any harm to the human body.
Due to the uniform quality and highly consistent characteristics of nitrogen casings, collagen casings can be easily compressed into tubes or rolled into tubes during packaging for easy transportation and storage, and can be stored and transported at room temperature without special treatment, with a shelf life of two to three years.
Collagen Casing Application Case
  • Air Dry Casing
  • Halal sausage
  • Hot dog sausage
  • Bologna sausage


1. Collagen casings are easy to use and handle and do not break easily.

2. They offer a consistent look and taste and are available in a variety of sizes and flavor options.

3. This casing has a long shelf life, high food safety, suitable for large-scale production.

4. Using collagen casings causes less pollution to the environment.


1. Collagen casings meet halal food requirements to ensure religious compliance.

2. They provide food safety and traceability, and have a good taste and appearance.

3. This casing is easy to use and customize, improve production efficiency and environmental awareness.

4. The use of collagen casings is especially suitable for people who are concerned about the source of meat and are concerned about the allergens of traditional casings


1. Collagen casings can provide good taste, high transparency, so that the inside of the hot dog sausage stuffing is clearly visible.

2. This casing is able to retain its shape and structure during cooking, making the hot dog sausage look more attractive.

3. Collagen casings are easier to handle and handle than traditional animal casings and are suitable for mass production environments.

4. They are not easy to break during the filling process, reducing waste and improving efficiency.


1. Collagen casings provide good taste and appearance with high transparency.

2. They are food safe and suitable for people with concerns about traditional casings allergens.

3. The casings are easy to use and customizable for the mass production of Bologna sausages.

4. Using collagen casings is environmentally friendly and cost-effective in the long run.