The leader in food packaging

Using modern emerging technology and international standard quality management system specification of nylon casing, vacuum bag production professional enterprises, the company has the right to trade import and export We can import and export all kinds of commodities and technologies by ourselves and as agents.
Tailor casing solutions 
Regardless of the choice decision we offer a cost efficient solution designed specifically to suit the demands of every application in the meat industry. Based on our technology and “know-how” we can modify casing properties to maximize manufacturing performance.
Broad range of colours and prints
Differenciate your brand and highlight your position in the market with a rainbow colour casing offer and a wide range of printed options. Outstanding prints with high definition quality and continuous print over the edge are possible.
High efficiency and productivity
Ready to use long shirring lengths for the best productivity. Superior barrier to maximize cooking yields and excellent meat cling to minimize purge on a wide range of processed meats will improve your manufacturing efficiency and productivity helping you to reduce costs and enhance product quality.
Smoke permeable
Multiple alternatives for cooked and smoked sausages or dried products. Polyamide casings with different permeability levels can absorb the smoke flavor and taste during the smoking process or can allow an efficient water loss during the fermentation and drying process.